Amber / Early Years Foundation Stage

2017 phonics presentation


Have you had fun in the snow?

Have you been able to build a snowman yet?

Have you made lots of footprints in the snow?


You might like to try some of these snow-themed activities tomorrow or over the weekend...


1.  Build or draw a snowman. 

* What did you use for the buttons/arms/face? 

* How many buttons do you have?

* What is your snowman called?

* Make up a story about your snowman.

-Bring your drawing/photograph into school and share with your friends.


2.  Draw and write in the snow.

* Use your finger or a stick to make patterns in the snow.

*Can you write your name?

*Can you write some numbers?


3.  Look for footprints in the snow.

* Can you see where people have been walking?

*Can you spot any other prints?  Who made these footprints?

* Can you make footprints too?


Remember to stay safe in the snow and keep warm!  We look forward to seeing everyone back in school next week.
























































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