Autumn Term 


Summary of Learning

Welcome to diamond class. 

I hope that you had a lovely summer and are now learning ready for the new year. Below our some pictures of our classroom, which I am sure you will get to know very well. 



Our first topic is the ‘Big Build’ where we will be focusing on stories which feature homes e.g. ‘The Three Little Pigs’ , materials and buildings in our local/school environment. Below are some pictures of us making some houses using junk modelling.



In one of our science lessons we discussed the five different senses and which sense is associated with which body part. We then focused on hearing. We then went out onto the playground to experiment with hearing using a whistle. We investigated whether having our hood up made a difference and or being further away from the whistle. Below is a picture of us experimenting.




 In one of our RE lessons we listen to the Christmas story. Whilst the story was being told we role played the different characters and used costumers to help us. We then discussed why we felt the Christmas story was important especially for Christians.




 Spring Term 

Diamond Summary of Learning Spring 2019




We have been looking at place value and have started to use base ten. We made a teen number using base ten and then partitioned the number using the part-part whole model. 


He have had a fabulous time learning all about plants. We had our school trip to Hyde Hall and below are some pictures. 


 Summer Term 

Diamond Summary of Learning Summer 2019


We have been learning all about Pentecost in our RE lesson and we used streamers to help us imagine the Holy Spirit.