Welcome to Emerald Class

I hope you have all had a wonderful and relaxing summer and are ready for a busy term ahead!

Despite only having been back a few weeks, the children have already been working hard and have been producing lots of super work.


In Maths, we have been concentrating on Place Value. We have been using apparatus and tens and ones to help us learn more about number; we have been ordering numbers ,  representing numbers by showing how many tens and ones a number has and problem solving addition problems by partitioning 2 digit numbers to help us find the total.



In English we have been reading and sharing riddles. We have learnt about the features of a riddle, then planned and wrote our own! We decided to focus our riddles on the theme of animals as this would link into our Science and Art topics.

More recently, we have begun to learn about instructions and the features of a good set of instructions. We had great fun following a set of instructions to make a paper plate fish. We then assessed the instructions and gave our class vote as to whether the instructions contained all of the necessary features! We were rather fussy however, and we decided that the instructions could have indeed been improved as not all of the items under the ‘What you will need’ section had been listed!

We are looking forward to writing our own instructions very soon. These will then be assessed by a friend-can they follow them? Did the instructions have all of the necessary features? Could they be improved? How?


In Art, we have been looking at animal patterns. We have matched the pattern to the animal, traced patterns and more recently, we have sketched a pattern. This pattern was then imprinted onto a polystyrene tile, where we will then be using paint to produce our own animal prints. We are looking forward to the end result!