Emerald Class



Hello Emerald Class,

We hope you are enjoying the snow. Here are a few things you could do at home to keep you busy over the next few days.

  • Firstly, check that you have completed your homework set from last week and read the books/completed games on activelearn. New homework will be given out when we return to school so please bring your homework folders in with you.
  • Spellings - Please pick 5 common exception words from the year 2 list and put them in a sentence. Can you ‘uplevel’ the sentence? Use a conjunction (e.g because, and or but) and an expanded noun phrase (e.g. cold, slippery ice) in it.
  • Writing – You can choose to either write a recount of your snow days using time words (see below) and the past tense, or write an acrostic poem about the snow. Please bring them into school to show us.
  • Maths – Please practise chanting your 2, 5 and 10 x tables or you could play the rapid recall game online, monster multiplication: https://www.mathplayground.com/math_monster_multiplication.html





We hope you stay safe and enjoy reading some books indoors if you don’t fancy getting too cold and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Mrs Etheridge and Mrs Quilter




Summary of Learning 


Autumn Term

Despite only having been back a few weeks, the children have already been working hard and have been producing lots of super work.  

In Maths, we have been concentrating on Place Value. We have been using apparatus and tens and ones to help us learn more about number; we have been ordering numbers ,  representing numbers by showing how many tens and ones a number has and problem solving addition problems by partitioning 2 digit numbers to help us find the total.


 In English we have been reading and sharing riddles. We have learnt about the features of a riddle, then planned and wrote our own! We decided to focus our riddles on the theme of animals as this would link into our Science and Art topics.

More recently, we have begun to learn about instructions and the features of a good set of instructions. We had great fun following a set of instructions to make a paper plate fish. We then assessed the instructions and gave our class vote as to whether the instructions contained all of the necessary features! We were rather fussy however, and we decided that the instructions could have indeed been improved as not all of the items under the ‘What you will need’ section had been listed!

We are looking forward to writing our own instructions very soon. These will then be assessed by a friend-can they follow them? Did the instructions have all of the necessary features? Could they be improved? How?


In Art, we have been looking at animal patterns. We have matched the pattern to the animal, traced patterns and more recently, we have sketched a pattern. This pattern was then imprinted onto a polystyrene tile, where we will then be using paint to produce our own animal prints. We are looking forward to the end result!



We are in the second half of the Autumn Term already and what a busy first half term we had!


In Maths, we have been focussing on addition and subtraction. We have completed investigations to understand about inverse operations alongside solving missing number problems and word problems.

We have also investigated 2D and 3D shapes, learning about their properties and sorting them using venn diagrams. We have cut out shapes to  discover how many lines of symmetry they have  and we have investigated if the number of sides a shape has is the same as the number of lines of symmetry. This promoted a very useful discussion!

From here, we discussed right angles and we all became right angle spotters! We spotted them in the classroom and around the school and then challenged ourselves to find them within shapes and draw them.

Our current unit is Money. We are recognising coins, using different coins to make the same total, adding different totals, giving change and solving money problems. We are very proud of how hard we are working! It is great fun being a shop keeper!




We have been discussing the features of a non-fiction books. We then assessed how useful a collection of non-fiction books were by devising our own questions and seeing if we could locate the answers by using the books! We discovered that we can’t always find the answers that we need so we discussed alternative methods of research. We discussed how to use the internet safely and then found our answers by using Google Kids.

Here we are using the computers for our research.




This term, we are looking at Poetry. We have shared different poems and have practised how to read them with intonation and expression. We have extended and edited a poem by including alliteration, adjectives, verbs and similes! We are currently in the process of our planning our very own poems!

We have now finished our animal print designs. We are very proud of our printing skills and it all started with a design on a piece of paper!


We have learnt about animal life cycles, healthy eating, sorting foods into food groups, how to ensure we eat 5 a day, the importance and effect of exercise on our bodies, how we change as we get older and what a human needs to survive! We are budding scientists!


We are all looking forward to sharing some of our work with you during our Class Assembly on Friday 10th November.

See you there!

 Emerald Class


December 2017

We have been making moving Christmas cards with levers for our D&T work. We have had to use our measuring and cutting skills to make these beautiful cards.






Emerald Class Summary of Learning 2018

Spring Term

We have had a very busy start to the Spring term. Our new topic is Town Mouse, Country Mouse as detailed in the summary of learning.

In Maths, we have been focusing upon multiplication and division and more recently, fractions. We are working on three aspects, fluency, problem solving and reasoning. The children are really enjoying the challenge and their ability to prove their answer using mathematical language and jottings is progressing amazingly!

In English we have been researching habitats to become experts. We have created information posters for our classroom display. 


Geography has involved comparing town and country. The children produced some fantastic models as part of their homework and we enjoyed discussing the features of both locations.                                                                           



We are currently learning about the United Kingdom; we have labelled a map with the countries and capital cities alongside the surrounding seas. The children have really enjoyed this and we discussed how the United Kingdom is an island and why.

In Design Technology, we have been investigating vehicles. We have labelled a vehicle and have discussed the importance of the chassis and axle. We are currently designing a moving vehicle and once constructed, we will test our vehicle down a slope, predicting the distance it will travel.

In science we have been studying habitats. We have looked around our school grounds to try and find micro-habitats and we have really enjoyed playing ‘food chain chase!’



Here we are on World Book Day dressed as our favourite characters. We had lots of fun discussing our favourite authors, characters and completing a WBD quiz.



Maths 3D Shapes

We have recently been learning about 3D shapes. We have been investigating their properties, discovering which 2D shape faces some 3D shapes have, and, more recently, we have been creating our own 3D skeletons! We had great fun working with a partner on this activity and it really helped us to identify the number of vertices and straight lines on a variety of 3D shapes.


Trip to Hyde Hall 

We recently visited Hyde Hall and learnt so much connected to our current topic, The Potting Shed.

We experienced numerous fun activities such as planting a seed, observational drawings, painting flowers and plants with water colours, producing bark rubbings and walking around the gardens spotting the first signs of Spring.

However, one of our favourite activities was making a habitat for an animal in the woodlands. We had to work as a team gathering natural resources and deciding how to make the best possible home! We think we all did an amazing job!

Thank you Hyde Hall! We can’t wait to visit again!

 Emerald Class




Summary of learning

Spelling support

Summer Term

 We have been completing our growing investigation this term. We have been discussing:

  1. if a plant will die in a drought.
  2. if plants need water, will they grow fast in a flood?
  3. if plants can grow in walls, can they grow without soil?
  4. if plants still grow at night-time. 
  5. if plants live under snow, can they grow when it is cold?

Look at our results. What observations would you make?

Day 4


Day 8


 We have visited Burnham library this term. We told our own fairy tales from picture cards.