International Schools Learning

ISA logoWe are extremely proud that we have twice achieved the British Council's International Schools' Award, which recognises the very good work that we do in this area.

Through the inclusion of an international focus at St Mary’s School we offer our children a range of experiences that enhance their learning and raise awareness of their impact on others throughout the world. 

Why we take part in International Schools learning

  • It raises awareness of international interdependencies.
  • It builds value and respect for different cultures and beliefs.
  • It develops an understanding of human rights and social justice issues.
  • It helps children gain an understanding of sustainable development of the world’s resources.
  • It supports our children's development into responsible global citizens of the future. 

The learning activities that children take part in

  • Joining in a range of international learning projects, such as European Comenius Projects, which give them the opportunity to meet and build relationships with children from other countries.
  • Developing their cultural awareness by welcoming international visitors at the school and occasionally by visiting other countries.
  • Practising their French language skills by speaking with native French speakers.French picture
  • Writing to pupils in our link schools to develop their written skills.
  • Participating in multicultural art, dance and music through our arts curriculum.
  • Studying different ways of worship from faiths and cultures around the world.
  • Developing their geographical knowledge and skills by  studying the countries that we are partnered with, which brings the subject to life.
  • Developing a love for learning by joining in special events such as International Week / Multicultural Arts Week.
  • Building an understanding of the British Values by learning about the diversity of multicultural Britain through trips and links with other schools.


Week beginning 29th February 2016

We are currently planning activities for our International Week.

Each class have chosen a country/zone to explore and learn about:

Amber - Kenya

Diamond - Scotland

Emerald - Egypt

Opal - USA

Ruby - Peru

Sapphire - The Caribbean

Topaz - Alaska/ The Arctic Circle

Monday 29th Feb and Tuesday 1st March

Ormiston Rivers Academy are providing Dance, Drama and Music Workshops

Thursday 3rd March

 Today is World Book Day. Children will be asked to dress as a character from their class book.


 Thursday 24th November 2016

We are currently developing links with several schools across Europe through two inter-school projects: 

'Friends above all!'

This project is based on the story of 'The Rainbow Fish' to promote the values of friendship , goodwill and sharing . The activities of the project will include creative arts. At the same time students will have the opportunity to practice vocabulary and writing in a more authentic way. Finally, this project will provide a chance to develop new friendships among students of different European countries. Children from Amber, Diamond, Emerald and Topaz are involved in sharing information about our school and town, and creating 'Friendship fish', and letters in French to send to our new friends.


Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.

This project will be devoted to kids aged 7-12 who speak English or Spanish. Our purpose is to use cross-curricular themes to help promote the similarities and traits of our countries and traditions.


As you can see, these projects are an important reinforcement of many of our British and Christian Values, including Tolerance; Respect for others; Fellowship and Friendship. 


November 2017

We have three current International projects

Problem Solving in Math - sharing strategies and ideas

This project will be a collaborative opportunity to share ideas and strategies in encouraging children to solve mathematical problems independently. We will create investigations and projects for each other and then share our children's methods and ideas for solving.


Let's play!

Let's play traditional playground games of our country and learn games from different countries.


Let's celebrate!

The project focuses on Christmas and Easter's celebration.It is a year long project with two main appointments plus a first activity to introduce themselves.Before each festivity students will (1) share their local traditions to celebrate Christmas/Easter, and (2) send post cards via regular mail to all the partners. We have already sent home-made Christmas cards to 40 different schools across Europe, including Finland, Latvia, Germany, France and Poland. We have begun receiving Christmas cards from them and are enjoying reading the different messages inside .