Opal Class Summary of Learning Autumn 2017



Opal (Yr3)


 Autumn term 2017 learning fun

Welcome back everyone to the new term.

The children have been having lots of fun learning about The Stone Age, fossil formation and lots more.

We were acting out hunting and killing wild beasts, which helped us produce exciting and descriptive writing.

We also looked at many types of rocks and fossils.

In gymnastics we have been trying different rolls and jumps.

 We have been using ICT to design a game where Stone Age man has to move around the screen collecting objects. We used the Scratch programme. We then looked at each others game and said what was good about them and what could make them  even better.


In maths we have been discovering all sorts of interesting facts about angles. We used Pacman to search for right angles and then made angle measurers to make, right angles, acute and obtuse angles.