Opal Class Summary of Learning Autumn 2017

Summary of Learning Summer 2017

Summary of learning Spring 2017

Opal (Yr3)

 We thoroughly enjoyed our Roald Dahl day and had great fun dressing up and listening to stories.                         

 We have enjoyed punctuating sentences using Playdough.

            21st October 2016


We really enjoyed playing the name game, we had to concentrate really hard but it was fun.


It was really exciting taking part in the Spelling Bee.  Well done to everyone for getting involved.



 Maths and core learning

 We were working together, collaboratively to solve maths investigations. We all had different tasks and contributed to solving the whole class problem, including finding patterns and algebraic formulae.


 Spring term learning fun

During the spring term we had lots of fun, experimenting with magnets, creating art from nature and learning about directions and compass points.




 Autumn term 2017 learning fun

Welcome back everyone to the new term.

The children have been having lots of fun learning about The Stone Age, fossil formation and lots more.

We were acting out hunting and killing wild beasts, which helped us produce exciting and descriptive writing.

We also looked at many types of rocks and fossils.

In Gymnastics we have been trying different rolls and jumps.