Pupil Premium

The pupil premium funding is starting to have an impact on narrowing the attainment gap between pupils who are known to be eligible for this funding and other pupils. Ofsted March 2014.

Please click this link to view the school's current strategy and evaluation of Pupil premium grant funding.

What is the Pupil Premium fund and who is eligible for it?

 The Government gives all schools additional money, known as the Pupil Premium, specifically to support the educational achievement of children who are in the following groups:

  • Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children whose family is on a low income;
  • Year 3-6 children who receive free school meals, or have done so in the previous 6 years;
  • Children who are, or who have been, ‘looked after’;
  • Children who have been adopted.

How much money does the school receive in Pupil Premium funding?

It varies each year depending on pupil numbers, but in the 2015-16 financial year the school received an additional £45,880.

What does the school spend the money on?

The money may be spent on individual, group or whole school provision, but it must always benefit the learning, progress and educational achievement of Pupil Premium eligible children.

 In the 2015-16 financial year the school is providing the following:

 Core Offer

Offer Purpose
 A designated laptop for every pupil Premium child Children will be able to use the laptop at home and at school to extend their learning into the home. 
Learning Club for every Pupil Premium eligible child from Y1 upwards. To support with any homework or other learning needs as well as providing new learning challenges.
Breakfast Club for every Pupil Premium eligible child. To provide a healthy, happy start to the day so that chikdren are in class on time and ready to learn.
Activity Club with Mr Capper for every Pupil Premium eligible child from Y2 upwards Providing opportunities to increase fitness, self confidence and enjoyment of various sports and games.
Support in paying the voluntary contributions for educational visits and activities for every Pupil Premium eligible child. To ensure that no child misses out on any curriculum activities.


Additional Provision Depending on Children’s Needs

We assess the individual needs of each eligible child and additional provision may include:

Offer Purpose
Additional teaching interventions Delivering additional group and 1:1 high quality teaching to the eligible children to ensure good learning and progress, under the direction of Pupil Premium Lead Teacher.
 Holiday Learning Club To provide intensive support to Pupil Premium children in the upper part of the school and to ensure that they achieve expected standards.
Additional Learning Support staff interventions To deliver structured learning intervention programmes, social skills groups and well-being provision (including Cosy Corner) to support pupils’ academic, social and well-being needs. 
Gym trail To support physical needs and development of coordination skills for eligible children. 
1:1 teaching sessions To provide 1:1 support to Pupil Premium children in the upper part of the school and boost their achievement.
Additional activities For example, learning about e-safety, healthy eating, outdoor education and enterprise skills.
Resources Some money is allocated to provide other resources which are needed to deliver the provision outlined above.

Who should I contact for further information about the Pupil Premium fund?

Mrs Warnes is the Lead Teacher for Pupil Premium. She liaises with the Headteacher and other staff to assess the children’s needs and to plan the appropriate support. She also tracks the educational progress and achievement of each Pupil Premium eligible child. Please do not hesitate to contact her should you have any further enquiries.