Ruby Class 2017/2018 

Autumn Summary of Learning 2017

Spring Summary of Learning 2018

Welcome to Ruby Class! We are all excited to start our new topic about Dragons. We will be looking at the book 'How to Train Your Dragon', completing a range of fiction and non fiction genres. In Geography we will be looking at Wales, focusing on its human and physical features. History will be based around Chinese New Year. We are excited to learn about the Zodiac Calendar! 


 Hello Ruby Class :) I hope you have all had lots of fun playing in the snow! Here are some activities to keep you busy over the next couple of days.



In art we have been creating our own dragon eyes. First, we looked at examples to give us some inspiration. We carefully drew our eye with pencil, then painted them. We are so pleased with how they have turned out! 



Our English this term is based on the book 'How to Train Your Dragon'. We have been working really hard trying to improve our vocabulary. This week we are beginning to write our own stories about capturing a dragon. Our focus has been on describing the setting using adjectives, similes, metaphors and personification. We found using metaphors very challenging! 



Maths week will begin on the 29th of January. We will be focusing on problem solving during the week through investigations based around division. We will also be looking at the artist Paul Klee. Here are the pictures we are going to be using as inspiration.