Sapphire (Yr5)

Sapphire Class Summary of Learning Autumn 2017

Freeze Frames

The first writing we had to do was a story about a space journey.  We used freeze frames to help us to break our story into chapters.  See our poses in the gallery below.

Planet Art

We are making paper mache planets at the moment. It's a bit messy and fiddly, but were going to paint them soon.  Here are a few before pictures.  We'll put some pictures of the finished ones up soon.




Great Writing!

Congratulations to Jack who has been working hard on the neatness of his writing.  Keep it up!

Christian Values

Here are a selection of our first few recipients of Christian value certificates.  Well done for being such great members of the St Mary's community.




Freeze Frame 2017 (12 images)

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