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17th July 2018

We all done to all of Topaz children for reading and performing so well at our leavers' service. I was very proud of you.

As promised, I am adding some more photographs of the Isle of Wight for you all to enjoy:


8th May 2018

As you can imagine, we have been busy revising for SATs over the last two months. However, we have used different methods and strategies to maintain interest. Last week, we held a maths problem hunt on the field: the children worked in pairs, hunting for hidden written problems, solving them together and then marking where they found each question on a map of the school grounds!



For Mother's Day, we created some lovely cards by using our sewing skills. Here are some of the cards we made.:

We have challenged Sapphire class to a gardening competition. Our first task was to explore the seeds, flowers and vegetables which we could sow and plant. Here are the two winning designs. Planting starts tomorrow!!


1st March 2018


Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying the snow while staying safe. Please complete the following work and bring into school next week. All of the work should be completed to your best ability and be presented well. Remember to take care with spellings, handwriting and punctuation. Please keep up to date with your homework and spellings. Practise all your times tables facts.

MATHS: Find as many examples as you can find of imperial units of measure. (gallons, inches, etc) Ask family members about them and try to find out an approximate equivalent metric measurement for each one, Then choose one (or more) of the pages in the pdf and answer the questions. 


GEOGRAPHY/ MATHS: Temperatures across Europe. Look at the map on the attached link and find the coldest and warmest (!) places. What countries are these places in? What would the temperatures of all the locations be if the temperatures were 10 degrees warmer? 

ENGLISH: Think of the poetry we worked on last week and write a poem about a snowflake. Remember to use personification, metaphors and similes. Start each sentence with a different part of 'ISPACE'.


DT/ ART: Think of something you could invent that would help you keep warm in the snow or would help car drivers to keep safe in the icy conditions. Draw your invention and label all the important parts. What will you call your invention? Write an explanation about your invention to show how it works. 



19th February 2018

What a busy half-term we have had! We have been exploring how metals are extracted from the ground, which then led us to discover that the processes involved created a lot of toxic waste. We then wrote persuasive leaflets and reports to encourage others to recycle plastics and metals.

Our Science investigation was to find out how quickly different substances melted. We needed to make sure that we worked safely, as well as ensuring our investigation was fair. We worked co-operatively to plan, carry out, measure and record results.

End Autumn Term 2017

Here are more photographs of us making our periscopes as part of our Design Technology Curriculum.


5th December

In Science this half-term we have been exploring how sound and light travel. Linked to this, we have explored how periscopes work and have designed our own. We have needed a lot of patience while making them and some of us are now ready to add the mirrors. We then will test them out by looking around corners and over fences!



 2nd November

 Since our last post, we have been finding out lots about our local area, including visiting Burnham Museum and finding out about the history of the Rive Crouch and Burnham. Sapphire class challenged us to find out how many bath tubs of water would fill the river. After a lot of measuring our bathtubs; finding out where the River Crouch starts, and with a lot of estimating and reasoning, we calculated that we would need 108 million baths of water! Thank you Sapphire class for such an interesting challenge.

 28th September 2017

 Today Topaz visited Stow Maries Airfield for 'Crucial Crew' where we learnt lots of important life skills. We had sessions with Maldon and Burnham Life Saving, Essex Fire Services, Essex Highways, Alcohelp, Plume Academy and Essex Park Rangers.