Academically More Able

At St Mary’s CE (VA) Primary School we believe all children are entitled to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum in order to ensure that they have the opportunity to realise their true potential. Academically More Able (AMA) children need as much guidance, support and encouragement as any other group of children in the school.


To ensure that this happens, we aim to provide learning opportunities for more able children that offer challenge and intellectual stimulation, as well as enriching their school experience in whichever area of the school curriculum they excel in.


Academically More Able pupils are identified by the staff, according to their academic achievement. Their progress is tracked and monitored closely to ensure that they are making expected, or better, progress throughout each school year. The lead teacher for this area is Mrs MacGregor. She works closely with the Headteacher, governors and staff to ensure that the curriculum, resources and learning experience for these children support them in reaching their full academic potential, whilst remaining well rounded individual learners.

Developments and opportunities for Academically More Able (AMA) pupils in the previous year have included:

  • Focused Challenge Days in various subject areas at our local secondary school, giving AMA pupils the opportunity to participate in lessons and workshops that challenge their learning;
  • An extra curricular maths extension club to extend pupils’ learning;
  • An enterprise club, which coordinated fundraising for a special project;
  • The development of ‘challenge areas’ in all classrooms, to enrich pupils’ learning and understanding;
  • 1:1 provision for targeted individual pupils aimed at extending their learning at higher levels;
  • Developing differentiated homework, to include specific challenges for AMA pupils;
  • Further skills development for the most able readers, through training as school librarians;
  • Introduction of the role of ‘times tables masters’ for the most able pupils in order to strengthen their own skills by teaching and testing other pupils in this area;
  • Introduction of maths mastery opportunities throughout the school;
  • Development and celebration of Master Spellers through the school’s Spelling Bee;
  • Deepening thinking skills through the establishment of ‘I wonder’ areas in each classroom;
  • A school focus upon higher-order questioning in order to extend pupils’ understanding.